How can Emulsifiers Benefit Your Products?

Patco Products’ focus on knowledge growth throughout our company is the driving force behind our industry-leading solutions. Our emulsifiers combine functional benefits (ensuring product quality) with efficient, consistent processing.


Controlling or delaying crumb staling is important in the bakery market, so products maintain freshness on the shelf longer. Patco Products’ emulsifiers can be used in bread, cookies, cakes, batters and other applications to achieve anti-staling, crumb softening, dough strengthening, texture improvement and better fat dispersion.

Reduce saturated fat without sacrificing taste or functionality in products like donuts and Danishes, or use healthier oils in baking. We also have emulsifiers to enhance handling and storage stability so you can deliver the high-quality products consumers are looking for.


Our emulsification solutions offer versatility, serving as stabilizers, clouding agents, color enhancers and/or flavor dispersants in a wide range of beverage types, from cream liqueurs to sports drinks. Whether you’re producing a protein shake or a nutritional booster, we can help ensure it retains its quality longer.


Patco Products’ emulsifier range addresses key attributes of candy quality by helping to improve mouthfeel and bite as well as product stability. To reduce oil migration in confectionery fillings, avoid stickiness in chewing gum, or even improve the texture of syrups, find out about the benefits provided by our emulsifiers.

Dairy and Non-Dairy Products

Our dairy and non-dairy emulsification offering is extensive, providing essential functionality in coffee whiteners, ice cream and soft serve, whipped toppings, puddings and more. These solutions help with fat dispersion, stability (frozen and thawed), texture and water-holding capacity. 

Pet Food & Animal Feed

Emulsifiers can preserve moisture and softness in pet foods and animal feed. Our BFP® and Starplex® lines aid extrusion and prevent fat separation, which help maintain flavor and texture.

Processed Foods

The breadth of our emulsifier range also provides advantage in meeting manufacturers’ needs in the diverse processed foods category, where it helps achieve important quality attributes in breakfast cereals, margarines, peanut butter and sauces. Emulsifiers are added as an aid to reducing the surface tension improving the droplet size distribution and to increase stabilization of the finished product. Emulsifiers thereby improve the texture and eating properties and increase their shelf life.

Personal Care

Patco Products is proud to offer multi-functional emulsifiers and surfactants derived from biorenewable agricultural sourcing for simpler formulations. Our emulsifiers and surfactants help you satisfy consumer demand for natural personal care products with fewer ingredients. In addition, they are non-toxic, non-irritating to eyes and skin, and easy to incorporate into your formulations.

Polymer Additives

At Patco Products, we’re well-versed in exploring and applying innovative polymer additive technology. We have nearly 40 years’ experience in the plastics industry and apply our knowledge to each of our collaborations with customers.

Our range of PATIONIC® polymer additives delivers exactly what compounders and producers need: anti-static agents, lubrication/mold release, color dispersants, acid neutralizers, and anti-fog agents – because they’ve been shaped by our experience and what we’ve learned through decades of co-creation. With biorenewable agriculture sourcing, our polymer additives may contribute to carbon footprint reductions.