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PATCO Products is a proud market leader in North American emulsifiers manufacturing. We are committed to delivering value in diverse industries by providing a combination of enabling functionalities, safety, and environmental consciousness.

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With an established legacy that dates back to the 1950s, PATCO Products emulsifier products represent the decades of scientific knowledge and practical experience our people have gained by focusing on what matters most to our customers. PATCO is continually innovating to ensure that we offer the highest quality products, giving you the most consistent results.

The product lines we create are also shaped by our sustainable promise and a legacy built on integrity. We use data, science and our talented team of people to consistently create new products to meet market demands and our customers’ needs.


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Maximizing Quality throughout Product Application


Emulsifiers are multifunctional ingredients that can provide key interactions with components such as starches, proteins, and fats to improve the properties during handling and processing and to ensure the desired finished aspects such as volume, crumb, tenderness, and shelf life. Our key emulsifier brands in this category include BFP®, Starplex®, GMS®, SweetPro®, Tandem®, Emplex®, Verv®.

Polymer Additives

At PATCO Products, we’re well-versed in exploring and applying innovative polymer additive technology. We have nearly 40 years’ experience in the plastics industry and apply our knowledge to each of our collaborations with customers. Our range of PATIONIC® polymer additives delivers exactly what compounders and producers need: anti-static agents, lubrication/mold release, color dispersants, acid neutralizers, and anti-fog agents – because they’ve been shaped by our experience and what we’ve learned through decades of co-creation. With  biorenewable agriculture sourcing, our polymer additives may contribute to carbon footprint reductions.

Dairy & Non-Dairy Products

Emulsifiers are used in a variety of dairy and non-dairy applications providing key interactions with the fats and proteins. As a process enabler, they serve to reduce surface tension thereby improving droplet size distribution, which directly can improve stability, shelf life, and whitening properties. In addition, for aerated deserts such as ice cream and whipped toppings, during tempering of the liquid emulsion, emulsifiers displace the protein from the interface and promote fat crystallization which enables agglomeration for air cell stabilization provided during the mechanical sheer. Our emulsifiers and enablers within this market include Alphadim®, BFP®, Starplex®, Emplex®, Tandem®.

Fats & Oils

Emulsifiers such as BFP®, Starplex®, Alphadim®, and Trancendim® offer a variety of functions depending on the type of fat and oil based applications: modifying crystallization properties, preventing separation, improving spreadability, reducing saturated fat content, and improving eating quality.

Processed Foods

Emulsifiers are added to processed foods as an aid to reducing the surface tension improving the droplet size distribution and to aid in the stabilization of the finished product. PATCO Products’ Alphadim®, Starplex®, BFP® Trancendim®, Verv®, Emplex®, Tandem®, Atmul®, and Atmos® thereby improve the texture and eating properties and increase shelf life.

Pet Food & Animal Feed

Emulsifiers can preserve moisture and softness in pet foods and animal feed. Our BFP®, Alphadim®, and Starplex® lines aid extrusion and prevent fat separation, which help maintain flavor and texture.


The role of emulsifiers in standardized and non-standardized chocolates is to reduce plastic viscosity to improve flow properties and to reduce yield value for enrobed confections. In addition, emulsifiers can modify the crystal behavior in chocolates to improve gloss, snap, and texture. For caramels, toffees, and chewing gums, emulsifiers are utilized to improve texture, mouthfeel, and shelf life. Our confectionary emulsifier products include Alphadim®, BFP®, Starplex®, Tandem®.


Emulsifiers including Alphadim®, BFP®, Tandem®, Atmul®, Atmos®, and Emplex® reduce the surface tension and improve droplet distribution during processing and shelf life enhancing texture, and improving the overall sensory experience of the finished beverage.

Personal Care

PATCO Products is proud to offer multi-functional emulsifiers and surfactants derived from biorenewable agricultural sourcing for simpler formulations. Our emulsifiers and surfactants help you satisfy consumer demand for natural personal care products with fewer ingredients. In addition, they are non-toxic, non-irritating to eyes and skin, and easy to incorporate into your formulations.

Pharmaceuticals & Nutraceuticals

Emulsifiers used in food applications can also act as excipients in oral and topical formulations. For tablets, they help the tablets stay together. Other emulsifiers help create emulsions or allow for even dispersal of colors, fat-soluble vitamins, and colorants.

Vegetable-Oil Based Waxes

Waxes derived from vegetable fats & oils can be used in candle-making, both blended with petroleum waxes or as 100% vegetable-base. Emulsifiers such as Alphadim®, BFP®, Trancendim® and Pationic® can aid solidification, reduce pull away from the jars, and aid burn and scent throw for candles.

“We buy PATCO Products because of high quality functionality, along with competitive pricing. PATCO Products’ quality is better than the competition.”

– Vice President Supply Chain       

Explore the Benefits of Emulsifiers with PATCO Products


PATCO Products may be best known in the baking industry for its range of emulsifiers, but our expertise and leadership in emulsifiers extends beyond the food sectors. Our emulsifiers combine efficient, consistent processing with functional benefits – ensuring product quality. Our multifunctional emulsifiers offer many functional aspects including emulsification, starch complexing, protein interactions, aeration & air cell stabilization, crystal modification, as well as lubrication.

Enhanced Stability

Our emulsifiers promote enhanced stability by creating a uniform mixture that prevents separation and maintains consistent texture and efficacy.

Aeration & Air Cell Stabilization

For aerated products like cake batters and imitation creams that are oil-in-water emulsions, emulsifiers help to maintain and strengthen the air cell network. For certain polymers such as foam insulation or packaging material, emulsifiers can help achieve the desired foam cell structures.


Emulsification is all about controlling an interface and dispersing one substance throughout another, whether it’s between oil and water in salad dressings or a lotion or trying to incorporate air into a cake batter or foam insulation. The end result is preventing separation and achieving the desired texture of the end application.

Starch Complexing

Our monoglycerides and lactylates form complexes with starch to slow down its recrystallization, and in turn, delay staling of bakery products and keep the crumb soft.

Protein Interaction

Emulsifiers such as lactylates can interact with the protein in yeast-raised baked goods, reinforcing gluten structure & improving gas retention. For sauces & non-dairy creamers, they also improve mouthfeel & increase stability.

Crystal Modification

In chocolate and other confectionery products, emulsifiers can be used to retain crystal form and maintain the desired gloss and snap. In caramels, they can also help retain the perfect chew and extend shelf life.

Lubrication & Anti-Stick

From pasta to breakfast cereals and pet foods, our mono & diglycerides can facilitate product release from packaging or equipment. They can also improve chewing properties and prevent stickiness in fruit leathers or gums.


In polyolefins, certain emulsifiers minimize the buildup of a static charge, which can attract dust to a container’s surface or prevent cups from pulling apart.


Plastic films fog up when lots of water droplets condense on them. By adding emulsifiers, the water droplets’ surface tension reduces significantly, reducing the fog so you can see into a package or sunlight can pass into a greenhouse.

Our Commitment to Quality


The benefits of working with PATCO Products go far beyond having access to high-quality emulsifiers. We’re big-picture thinkers who continue to invest in R&D to stay ahead of the curve when it comes to the latest emulsification technologies.

We are equipped to provide custom-blended emulsification solutions, precisely tailored to your specific needs. As a market leader in emulsification technologies, we are committed to promoting sustainable practices in material sourcing. As members of the Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil (RSPO) since 2005, we have actively contributed to the adoption of these principles as a worldwide norm. As of 2020, all our products containing palm oil and its derivatives are RSPO Mass Balanced Certified.

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